Sunday, September 8, 2019

Critique Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 11

Critique - Essay Example The experimentation imitated the procedure used in outdated experiments. An outdated experiment is structured with both the dependent and independent variables, post testing and pretesting. Finally, control groups and experimental groups. The prison replication, as seen in the documentary, was a good experimentation for observational reasons and tested the theory that imprisonments can expose the most horrible characteristics in those who work in them and those imprisoned (Zimbardo). Zimbardo and his partners defined the procedures they used to measure the forces of stress, evaluated the data gathered from questionnaires, and documented the communications of the securities and convicts (Zimbardo). The two components of analysis were imitations of a prescribed organization of the securities and the inmates. The respondents were asked questions concerning the experimentation and the process of conducting the research experiment. The experiment entailed the dependent and independent variables, working explanations for simulation purposes, and testing of hypothesis (Zimbardo). This experimentation obeyed the measures used by the old-fashioned experiment. Some experiments do not have an investigational group and a control group. In the old research, research had no identifiable control group, but for the research purposes, it was assumed that the control group consisted of people who were not in jail and not exposed to such cruel environment (Zimbardo).  The experimental hypothesis was meant to measure the emotional effects of imprisonments on the entities based on the physical background or the prisoners themselves. The reason for the research was to pick healthy male individuals and discover the consequences of physical environment in an isolated environment (Zimbardo). The police arrested and took the prisoners to prison as presented in the

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